Care Offered

Our mission is to ensure that the ‘people first’ philosophy is brought to life as we provide quality service, lifestyle enhancement, and family support. The entire structure of our organizational belief is designed to support relationships between residents, family, staff and community. Clarendon House will provide care on three levels or stages, namely low, medium, and high care.

Level 1: Interdependent assisted living – Medium

ASSISTED LIVING/MIDCARE: This level of care describe a person that is starting to require assistance. Generally, the person is no longer coping with the requirements of daily life. They also may need some assistance in either mobilizing or washing or with taking their daily medication. Generally people requiring midcare enjoy social events to be organized for them as they find the organizing and catering to be too cumbersome.

The units in Block B will provide residents with the choice of an independent or interdependent lifestyle where they can choose to have their meals in their rooms or in the central residents’ dining room. Daily cleaning, bed making, dish washing, and laundry services will be available. Residents will be provided with general assistance as required with medication, getting to and from meals, regular exercise, and night checks.

Level 2: Dependent living – High Care (Frail Care)

FRAIL CARE: at the frail care stage, a person would require a lot of nursing and he/she may need help with dressing and washing and toileting and may or may not be bedridden. A frail person may also be physically ok but mentally frail, requiring constant supervision

The Frail care unit will be situated in the core unit and will provide twenty-four hour comprehensive care. It will be run by qualified nursing staff and carers. 
The frail care unit will not admit people with Alzheimers, vascular dementia or other forms of dementia.

Step down facilities will be available for people that needing post hospital recovery period, special short term care or temporary care.

Level 3: Palliative care

PALLIATIVE CARE: Clarendon House offers comprehensive respite, short or long term Palliative care for people suffering from a life threatening illness. Respite care is often needed to allow family caregivers to have a break or to go on vacation.

Palliative care includes pain control, physical, psychosocial and spiritual care. Our team’s approach, addresses the needs of the patients and their families by a support system to help the family cope during the patient's illness and in their own bereavement. We aim to enhance the quality of life through care and affection.
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