Welcome home, welcome to Clarendon House.

You've lived a good life, you've discovered the world and seen your family grow and prosper. Your days of climbing the corporate ladder have been replaced by days of quite reflection and gentle adventure.

At Clarendon House we know that a life well lived can sometimes take a physical toll. So we provide levels of care for every individual whether it be independent living or frail care. And because you've become accustomed to a certain quality of living, we know you'll feel at home with us.

Our Senior and Assisted Living Services include...

All Inclusive

Full Board at Clarendon House includes meals, teas, cleaning services and laundry.

All Meals

We cater for special requirements, medical conditions, diabetics and vegetarians.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities include television, computer work station, newspapers and books.

Quality Care

Special care by qualified staff that value a people centred approach.


I moved into Clarendon House a year ago, and have found all the staff to be kind and caring, as well as Vicki Bannister, the director, who is personally involved, and makes us all feel part of the family.

P.s. I love my air-conditioned lounge.

Terry Shone

In the year that I have been at Clarendon House Retirement home, I have been very happy. The carers are so kind, understanding and always willing to help.

On Sunny days I enjoy riding around the beautiful gardens and sitting in the shade, near the swimming pool to read my book.

I thank God that I found Clarendon House.

Pauline Oldfield

Clarendon House Retirement home, has been my home for about 6 years, supplying comfort, support, good food and sympathetic skillful staff. We enjoy Christmas lunch on Christmas day, which was fantastic, especially with my family who came from overseas to share the day with me.

I am enjoying my stay and my family have approved of my home. Clarendon is a home away from home.

Brian Davies

I would be remiss not to convey to you my sincerest thanks for everything you and your loyal, caring team do for my mother. It’s horrible being so far away from her, and I am so reliant on all of you to care for her daily needs. You have gone the extra mile to take her for examinations by the audiologist and arranging her fitting of the hearing aids, arranging for appointments with her doctor and accompanying her to such appointments. You have paid attention to her dietary requirements and continue to assist her.

I really do not know what we would do without your continued help and support. From the bottom of my heart, a BIG thank you to all of you at Clarendon House Retirement home.

Mervyn Joseph
(CEO Joseph’s Inc Attorneys)

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